Alyson Hoag & Genuist Beauty in the News!

Alyson Hoag & Genuist Beauty in the News!

Genuist Beauty and our founder, Alyson Hoag, were recently featured in an insightful article, The Makeup Show: The Beauty of Diversity and the Diversity of Beauty, by Gesha-Marie Bland in Beauty News NYC, a pioneering digital beauty magazine. 

In the article, Beauty News NYC explored Genuist Beauty’s revolutionary blend of technology, innovation, and sustainability encapsulated in our Roller Brow- a game-changing brow product that combines the power of derma rolling with a clean and effective brow serum (housed in one product) that works wonders for dormant and lackluster brows. 

Gesha-Marie Bland, staff writer, and senior editor, noted that Genuist Beauty is "one of the most innovative and affordable smart beauty solutions" seen this year at the Makeup Show NYC. The combination of a high-quality brow serum with a user-friendly derma roller made specifically for eyebrows makes it easier than ever for women to maintain beautiful, full, natural-looking brows with minimal effort.

"Genuist Beauty focuses on growing full, healthy brows that barely require more than a dab of serum and a quick brushing to look put-together," Bland added. 

Revolutionizing Beauty & Brow Routines

Alyson Hoag, an esteemed makeup artist and brow expert based in Atlanta, has been a beacon for women of all ages, particularly women 40 and up, looking to enhance their natural beauty with clean products and simple, quick, and straightforward beauty solutions meant to bring your best face forward. 

Recognizing the challenges these women face with brow care, particularly as they age—be it sparse brows that need extensive filling, unruly, coarse brows, and brows that have ceased to produce hair—Alyson created a brow solution that addresses all of the above.

The Roller Brow (derma roller + serum)  is designed to encourage healthy brow blooming, allowing one to accomplish beautiful brows in mere minutes. 

Read the Full Article: 

For more detailed insights into Alyson's brow approach and how Genuist Beauty is transforming the beauty and brow landscape, we invite you to read the full article on Beauty News NYC here

Discover more about Genuist Beauty’s commitment to clean beauty, empowering women through beauty innovations, and how you can achieve effortless, full, and beautiful brows here

About Genuist Beauty:

Genuist Beauty’s Total Brow Care System is designed to transform eyebrows from lackluster to stunning, emphasizing the importance of eyebrows in facial symmetry and framing the face. The system includes five trailblazing eyebrow products unlike anything else on the market:

  • Roller Brow: A dynamic infusion brow derma roller with a brow-enhancing serum that stimulates the hair cycle for fuller, more defined brows.
  • Revival Brow: A daily brow conditioner used in the mornings before your makeup application for optimal brow health, daily conditioning, and improved appearance.
  • Brow Primer: A texturizing liquid brow wax with flexible hold, providing gorgeous definition without drying out the brows.
  • Brow Renewal: An ultra-hydrating and deep conditioning nightly brow treatment for stronger, healthier-looking brows.
  • Roller Brow Defining Pen: A natural-looking liquid brow stain pen for filling in gaps and imbalances in the brows and for subtle enhancement of brow color.
  • Tiny Liner: An ultrafine, blendable, liquid eyeliner pen that produces a clean, slim line to the lash line with superior precision. The Tiny Liner is an all-encompassing eyeliner for beginners, anyone with eyeliner anxiety, shaky hands, thin or maturing skin, and everyone in between who wants a gorgeous eyeliner that goes on easily. 

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About Alyson Hoag, CEO & Founder of Genuist Beauty:

Alyson Hoag has over 30 years’ experience working in the beauty industry as a brow and makeup artist, as CEO & Founder of the award-winning Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Brow Studio in Atlanta, and previously as a beauty educator for some of the country’s biggest brands. Her beauty line, Genuist Beauty, with clean formulas in sustainable packaging is for people of all ages and particularly for women in their 40s and up to get their brows blooming. 

Affectionately called the Brow Guru, she’s worked with over 100k clients as the brow protector to help people get their brows back through her tweeze-only brow artistry and her Total Brow Care System, recently featured on The Today ShowLearn more at


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