How to use Genuist Beauty’s Total Brow Care System: Order of Use

How to use Genuist Beauty’s Total Brow Care System: Order of Use

Using Genuist Beauty's Total Brow Care System involves a mix of day and night treatments to ensure your eyebrows are well-maintained, nourished, and styled. Here's how you can incorporate this system into your daily beauty routine:

Morning Routine

  1. Start with a Clean Face: After washing your face in the morning, ensure your eyebrows are clean and dry.
  2. Condition Your Brows: Apply the Revival Brow daily brow conditioner, and then tap the conditioner into the skin for best absorption. Wait for it to dry before moving on to the next step. 
  3. Prime Your Brows: Apply the Brow Primer to set your brows in place for the entire day.
  4. Define Your Brows: Use the Roller Brow Defining Pen to fill in any gaps or imbalances in your brows. This brow fill color will help create a fuller, more defined look. 
  5. Apply Makeup: Then, complete your normal skincare and makeup routine.

Evening Routine 

After washing your face in the evening:

  • After removing your makeup and washing your face, use the Roller Brow every other night or 3 to 4 nights a week. The derma roller promotes absorption of the serum, which is designed to support brow blooming.
  • Deep condition your eyebrows by applying the Brow Renewal Mask at night. This night treatment provides intense nourishment and hydration, helps to repair and rejuvenate your brows, and is great for people with unruly and coarse brows. 

*The Brow Renewal Mask can also be used for 20 minutes as needed when brows are extra dry, coarse, or unruly. Just apply the mask for 20 minutes and then remove with water and a cotton pad or washcloth. 

Key Tips:

  • Ensure each product is fully absorbed and/or dried before applying the next one in your routine.
  • Be consistent with using the Roller Brow (derma roller+serum) to achieve the best results.
  • Take a before and after photo of your brows so you can document your progress using the Roller Brow. 
  • Adjust the frequency of the treatments as needed based on your skin's sensitivity and the condition of your brows.

By following this brow regimen, you can help ensure your eyebrows are not only well-groomed and styled but also receive the care they need to bloom and be healthy.


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