The Intersection of Sociology, Beauty, & Authenticity: Unveiling Alyson Hoag's Vision Behind Genuist Beauty

The Intersection of Sociology, Beauty, & Authenticity: Unveiling Alyson Hoag's Vision Behind Genuist Beauty

In an inspiring feature on Sweety High, a tech-enabled media network that connects the world to Gen Z, Alyson Hoag, CEO & founder of Genuist Beauty, was interviewed recently to discuss her background in sociology, working within the beauty industry, and her innovative beauty brand recently showcased on The Today Show, at the Makeup Show Atlanta and the Makeup Show NYC.


In the article, she shared key insights she has gleaned from her 30-year career in the beauty industry as a celebrated makeup and brow artist and salon owner in Atlanta. She also discussed what helped her advance her career, stand out, and succeed in a saturated industry, and she shared tips to help others catapult their own careers too. 

Her unique journey blends academic insights with industry experience that is revolutionizing beauty standards through her brand. As an advocate for beauty standards that celebrate personal authenticity over societal expectations, Alyson has shaped her beauty brand around the principles of authenticity, simplicity, sustainability, and inclusivity. 

Her innovative approach invites people of all ages to redefine beauty on their own terms, and her products like the acclaimed Roller Brow (brow derma roller+serum) not only simplify beauty routines but also encourage people to embrace their natural elegance.


Key Highlights from the Sweety High article:

  • Alyson’s transformative encounter with holistic beauty concepts in college that shaped her entire career and beauty philosophy.
  • The meaningful origins of the Genuist Beauty name that emphasizes genuine self-expression.
  • Alyson’s commitment to clean beauty and sustainable practices, reflecting her desire to impact the industry positively.

  • For a deeper dive into Alyson Hoag’s philosophy and the innovative spirit of Genuist Beauty, read the full article on Sweety High here. Also, discover how her approach can inspire your own beauty practices and career aspirations. 

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