The Luminous Light of Loren Lahav

The Luminous Light of Loren Lahav

In the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the world seemed to shrink behind screens and locked doors, I found myself seeking a lifeline amid utter chaos and unshakeable uncertainty. I wasn’t sure my award-winning salon in Atlanta would make it, nor could I fathom how to keep my employees paid or myself. The word scarcity seemed to daily knock at my door, yet it was also during this time when Loren Lahav stepped into my life—or more accurately, into my virtual life—through a simple Facebook friend request. 


Lauren Lahav OYW


Digital Serendipity: The Connection That Sparked Change

Imagine getting a Facebook request from a best-selling author, international speaker, podcaster, and game-changing transformation coach! Intrigued and generally cautious about whom I let into my digital circle, I took a gander at Loren’s Facebook, and what I discovered was a wonder woman deeply committed to curating a masterpiece life, all the while nurturing a community where every person is seen as a masterpiece too with the potential to burgeon. 

Loren was hired by the Tony Robbins Company in 1990, and she organized global events from 20 people to 20,000, while also creating the Crew program which she oversaw for nearly 2 decades. Then, in September 2001, Loren was chosen to launch Tony’s signature Life Mastery Program in Fiji, and to date, she’s taught over 200 plus programs over the last 20-plus years. Her work has taken her across the world including Fiji, Portugal, Spain, Puerto Rico, and throughout the U.S. If that weren’t enough, her 2009 book Life Tuneups was named one of the top three books in 2010 by People Magazine.


Not in short, the universe seemed to be conspiring directly with me when this brilliant blond wanted to connect with me online during one of the most challenging times of my life. 

Virtual Connections, Real Transformations

Loren's life spoke to me so powerfully even through the digital divide, resonating with my aspirations for authenticity. As fate would have it, my journey with Tony Robbins led me to sign up for Wealth Mastery and Life Mastery in the latter part of 2020, followed by a Date with Destiny and another Wealth Mastery session in 2021, and it was there, amidst a congregation of seekers, that she took the stage. 

Then, the realization hit me—I knew her, or at least I knew of her. The same Loren Lahav who had reached out on Facebook was now in front of me, teaching me concepts that would transform my life and lead to the formation of one of my life’s greatest pursuits- Genuist Beauty

She said so many things of worth to me that I filled a thick journal full of Loren-isms. She reminded all of us that playing it small and safe doesn’t serve the world, and she encouraged us to express the best parts of ourselves with fortitude instead of fear. She also unlocked a realm of self-discovery for me, illuminating a path to uncovering and embracing my life's purpose. 

She deftly guided me to find my voice to help women in my own field as a makeup artist and brow expert. For decades, I had been exhausted and heartsick at the unhealthy and unrealistic standards thrust upon women and girls to look a certain way that is impossible to achieve using products that are not good for them or the planet. 

With a strategic finesse that seemed second nature to her, Loren outlined innovative ways for me to address my soul’s callings to make clean beauty products that help women and girls, particularly women over 40, love what they see when they look in a mirror and have their reflection be a vision of their authentic selves.


Loren Lahav Own Your Worth


From there, I started following her Badass and Beautiful community- a safe, intimate space for women to disconnect from life and reconnect with their true selves. This was also about the time Loren began creating one of the most transformative and empowering in-person and online virtual conferences in the world for women called Own Your Worth

From Ideation to Creation: The Genesis of Genuist Beauty

Suffice it to say, Loren was an encouraging wind beneath my shuttered wings who helped me take flight again when I felt so devastatingly grounded and stuck! I began taking her course advice, put it into practice, and began creating Genuist Beauty, a clean and effective beauty and brow line that was still just a budding idea at that point. 

Fast forward to 2022, Loren and I finally met in person at a fall event of hers where I got to do makeup for some of her guests, and despite not being in her event, it underscored Loren’s ability to bring people together and to encourage and inspire. It was then and there that I knew I wanted in some way to integrate Genuist Beauty with Loren’s mission. 

In February of this year, the opportunity to be a sponsor at Own Your Worth 2024 became a reality, and another date with destiny was born! To be a sponsor at this game-changing women’s conference meant we were not just supporting an event; we were aligning with a movement that spoke to the core of what Genuist Beauty stands for, being a Perennial, and guess what? Loren Lahav is the epitome of what it means to be a Perennial.

Genuist Beauty


A Perennial Powerhouse

Like the flowers that bloom year after year, Perennials symbolize resilience and continual rebirth. They remind us that with each season comes a new opportunity to flourish and they show the world the full spectrum of their beauty. Growing more vibrant and rooted in their unique splendor, their beauty transcends time and every age of theirs is a chance to bloom once more. This is so Loren Lahav

From North Carolina to global stages that she’s shared with Tony Robbins, Barbara Walters, Kevin O’Leary, Gary Vaynerchuk, Erin Brockovich, Campbell Brown, Jean Chatzky, Mike Rowe, and more, Loren's journey is a testament to living life on your own terms as a Perennial and that with grit, grace, and gratitude anything is possible for you and me too. 

Loren Lahav


In her late 50s now, Loren lives life with a contagious fervor, and she perpetually encourages others to overcome limiting mindsets to manifest the lives they’ve always dreamed of.

As for me, she has inspired me in more ways than I can count, including my stunning photo shoots and tattoo in Paris at age 55 to the Perennial Movement of Genuist Beauty that encourages women everywhere to shine their lights all the while having their exterior image be a reflection of their authentic, interior selves. 


Alyson Hoag in Paris


Dressed in Confidence & Suited up in Strength

Then last week, Loren gifted me with a blue suit for The Makeup Show Atlanta, where I debuted Genuist Beauty to the world—and her gesture symbolized more than just the gift of an outfit; it was her support and belief in me that wove the strongest fabric. Clad in her clothes, I felt enveloped in currents of encouragement, as I channeled the unwavering and electrifying essence of Loren herself. 

Loren Lahav Alyson Hoag


Owning Your Worth in 2024

As the owner and founder of Genuist Beauty, I am so excited to be a first-time sponsor of the Own Your Worth experience, held online and in person in Vegas, March 8th-10th. (You can read more about the specifics and how you can get a free virtual ticket here.) 

But let me make it clear that we are not just participating in an event; we are embracing a community, a movement, and a shared vision of empowerment and transformation for women around the world to live authentically, passionately, and perennially.

Own Your Worth 2024


In an era where embracing one’s true self is more important than ever, Own Your Worth is an incredible opportunity to hear world-renowned speakers, thought leaders, business owners, authors, celebrities, titans of industry, and more uplift and inspire women from all walks of life to: 

  • Own Your Mindset: Embrace the best version of yourself by adopting a growth mindset and developing mental toughness, guided by the inspirational stories of celebrities, experts, and everyday heroes.
  • Own Your Money: Transform your relationship with money to live in abundance, learning the tools and skills necessary to build personal and financial security.
  • Own Your Mission: Gain clarity on who you are, what you desire, and how to live the life of your dreams, all the while being part of a community that sees, hears, and celebrates you.


Through breakout rooms, expert panels, personal stories, and strategy sessions, attendees will engage deeply with the content, collaborating with a community of like-minded individuals ready to embrace their worth.

This is an invitation to step into your power, no matter if you are 9, 90, and beyond. This experience can transform your life just like it did with mine just a few years ago. Don't miss this opportunity this weekend, even if you only can attend for a few hours. Loren is amazing and the speakers she has put together are unbelievable. Learn more here.

Finally, if you purchase a Genuist Beauty product today through this Friday, get 1 free virtual ticket to this event on Saturday. Shop the Genuist Beauty collection here


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