About Genuist Beauty

Makeup and beauty have become extremely complicated with a dizzying array of products in the marketplace that often disappoint. The beauty business is a big one too and it largely exists to tell you what you are supposed to look like.

For decades, they’ve been selling customers the idea of perfection, and an idealized standard of beauty that people buy into because from a young age they are told what they should look like. If we cannot achieve this ideal standard (and we cannot), we will either give up or we will pursue this impossible task year after year with yet another product attempting to get us there. Either way, what has happened is the autonomy of our appearance has been taken out of our hands and put into the hands of an industry that purportedly knows better.

Pure Beauty

This is not the case with Genuist Beauty. Our company was founded by beauty veteran, Alyson Howard-Hoag, with over 30 years of experience working in the trenches of the beauty industry who saw first hand the damage that has been done to hundreds of thousands of women in pursuit of impossible standards of beauty that don't apply after a certain age and more importantly, don’t allow your authenticity to shine through.

Enter Genuist Beauty to the rescue.

As her rallying cry for all women and with the aim of making the beauty industry genuinely gorgeous, Alyson launched her cosmetics line, Genuist Beauty, in 2023 so that her clients love what they see when they look in the mirror using products they can have fun with and can feel good about applying.

Perhaps more importantly, Alyson created Genuist Beauty for people who embrace their lives at all ages and stages of their lives with authenticity and purpose, who want to put their best faces forward and who refuse to lose their identity in the process. Genuist Beauty is about you being you and looking like the most fabulous you as you evolve over time because we believe that your makeup and beauty should be about enhancing your unique features and we believe that your authentic beauty should mirror you. Over the years, we have maintained our commitment to making makeup easy and we have created makeup techniques that take the mystery out of makeup application. Then, we needed products to support this commitment because Alyson was tired of formulas that did not perform, and actually made the makeup and beauty process more complicated.

Being Genuine

As to our name, no, Genuist is not a typo. Genuist is the most extra form of being genuine, and through our cosmetics line, we are industry disruptors that seek the downfall of unrealistic standards of beauty, as we embrace a more intentional standard of beauty that sees your beauty from the inside and out and illuminates that for the world to see.

What truly sets Genuist Beauty apart is our holistic approach when it comes to beauty, brows and makeup. We believe in beauty with a clean conscience and beauty from the inside out. From brows to makeup, all of our products aren't about hype or cluttering the already saturated beauty marketplace with another flashy and trendy product that doesn’t live up to its promise. Genuist products genuinely do what they say they do with ease, are made of clean formulations, and they come in environmentally thoughtful packaging that can be repurposed, recycled, or both through our makeup recycling program.

Cheers to being your most genuine, gorgeous You!

About Our Products:

Our line starts with brows first because our founder, Alyson Howard-Hoag, learned early in her beauty career as an award-winning makeup and brow artist that eyebrows make or break your makeup application. As we are taught to apply makeup, you learn quickly that if your brows are not defined properly then your makeup look is not complete. Your brows are the single most important feature of your face.

Genuist Beauty’s Total Brow Care System was designed to nurture and revitalize your brows from the inside out, and includes:

1) Roller Brow- a dynamic infusion brow derma roller with brow-enhancing serum
2) Revival Brow-a daily brow conditioning treatment 3)Brow Renewal Mask-an ultra hydrating and deep conditioning brow mask
4)Roller Brow Defining Pen- a natural-looking liquid brow stain pen
5)Brow Primer- a texturizing liquid brow wax with maximum hold

With our Total Brow Care System, it’s like having a personal brow stylist in a bottle to get your brows blooming and beautiful once more. Our flagship product, the Roller Brow, is a game-changing brow tool that combines the power of a brow derma roller with an effective brow-enhancing serum so your brows will bloom again. From there, we’ve developed a show-stopping eyeliner, called the Tiny Liner, that is an all encompassing eyeliner for beginners, for anyone with eyeliner anxiety, shaky hands, thin or maturing skin, and everyone in between who wants a gorgeous eyeliner that goes on easy. This eyeliner pen is an ultrafine, blendable, liquid eyeliner pen that produces a clean, slim line to the lash line with superior precision.

About Genuist Beauty’s Product Design

Meet the Perennials 

You may have noticed flowers in our marketing, on our website and on our product labels and that’s because we are inspired by perennial flowers that look gorgeous year after year. As they age, these flowers don’t get one-size-fits-all treatment; instead, slight tweaks in their care are often in order so that each individual flower can be celebrated and encouraged to blossom at each stage of life.Just as we don't treat young blossoms the same as mature ones, we celebrate the unique beauty of each flower in its own right.

Inspired by a fabulous article in the Telegraph that our founder read on the eve of her 50th birthday, she loved the idea and concept of being a whizbang, ageless, Perennial woman that is forever blooming, evolving, intentional, courageous and daring. She is a masterpiece at 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and beyond and she works at curating her masterpiece life with each advancing year. 

Inspired by the vibrant spirit of the Perennials, Genuist Beauty embraces this concept, and our founder, Alyson, has had a long spiritual ache to help women of all ages realize their beauty, inside and out, as they age and do so looking fabulously with simple beauty techniques and products that make the Perennial in you shine through.

As Perennials, we also fully embrace the notion that you can look gorgeous year after year when you give yourself the gift of attention, self care, and a simple beauty routine that celebrates your authenticity and helps you put your best face forward that is uniquely yours. At Genuist Beauty, we believe beauty transcends age and our brand is more than just a product line; it's a movement that celebrates the grace, wisdom, courage, and strength that comes with every new chapter in a woman's life. And we are not just redefining beauty—we're redefining the narrative around aging. So, let's celebrate every milestone, every story and every laugh line we earn that makes us who we are. Read more about the Perennials here.