Unlock the secret to lush, fluffy brows with Genuist Beauty, as showcased on the Today Show! Witness the revolutionary Roller Brow derma roller and Brow Primer, revealed by makeup maestro Ashunta Sheriff-Kendricks to hosts Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager, as the ticket to fluffy, flourishing brows.

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Genuist Beauty Unveils Groundbreaking Total Brow Care System at The Makeup Show in Atlanta February 24th-25th, 2024

Atlanta, GA – Genuist Beauty, a cosmetics company founded by beauty veteran, makeup artist, and brow guru, Alyson Howard-Hoag, is thrilled to announce the official launch of Genuist Beauty and its highly anticipated brow care system at The Makeup Show in Atlanta.

Known for revolutionizing the beauty industry with effective, clean, and sustainable products, Genuist Beauty will introduce its innovative Total Brow Care System, alongside other pioneering beauty products, including the Tiny Liner, at this prestigious event being held at the Westin Hotel, 3391 Peachtree Rd. N.E., on February 24-25.

Genuist Beauty’s Total Brow Care System is designed to transform eyebrows from lackluster to stunning, emphasizing the importance of eyebrows in facial symmetry and framing the face. The system includes five trailblazing eyebrow products unlike anything else on the market:

Roller Brow: A dynamic infusion brow derma roller with brow-enhancing serum that stimulates the hair cycle for fuller, more defined brows.
Revival Brow: A daily brow conditioning treatment for optimal brow health, daily conditioning, and improved appearance. Brow Renewal Mask: An ultra-hydrating and deep conditioning brow mask for stronger, healthier-looking brows.
Brow Renewal Mask:An ultra-hydrating and deep conditioning brow mask for stronger, healthier-looking brows.
Roller Brow Defining Pen: A natural-looking liquid brow stain pen for filling in gaps and imbalances in the brows and for subtle enhancement of brow color.
Brow Primer: A texturizing liquid brow wax with maximum hold, providing gorgeous definition without drying out the brows.

Crafted with clean formulations and housed in recyclable packaging, these products embody Genuist Beauty’s commitment to sustainability and beauty with a clean conscience.

"The Atlanta Makeup Show is the perfect platform for us to showcase our commitment to innovative beauty solutions that empower individuals to express their authentic selves, and help to protect the environment,” says Alyson Howard-Hoag, CEO & Founder of Genuist Beauty. “Our Total Brow Care System is a testament to our belief in beauty that enhances, not masks, one's natural features, and embraces a more sustainable and authentic approach to beauty.”

In addition to product demonstrations, Genuist Beauty’s booth will offer exclusive promotions and the opportunity to learn more about eyebrows from the Brow Guru, including the importance of tweeze-only brows (no waxing or threading), getting your brow hair on a routine maintenance cycle every 4 to 6 weeks, which brow products enhance your brows, and why brow care is integral for makeup artists and their clients.

Attendees can also look forward to discovering how these products can enhance their beauty routines and contribute to a more sustainable world. To learn more about The Makeup Show Atlanta 2024, click here. To learn more about Genuist Beauty, click here.

How-To Tutorials

Tiny Liner: Watch Video
Defining Pen: Watch Video
Roller Brow Dermaroller + Serum: Watch Video
Brow Primer: Watch Video
Revival Brow: Watch Video
Brow Renewal Mask: Watch Video

About Genuist Beauty Cosmetics:

Founded by Alyson Howard-Hoag, Genuist Beauty is at the forefront of the beauty industry, offering innovative products designed to enhance natural beauty sustainably and effectively. With over 35 years of beauty industry experience, Alyson’s vision for Genuist Beauty is to challenge and change the beauty industry's standards, promoting a genuine, holistic approach to beauty that celebrates individuality at every age and stage of life.

About Alyson Howard-Hoag

Alyson Howard-Hoag is CEO & Founder of Genuist Beauty and Authentic Beauty Makeup Salon & Brow Studio in Atlanta. She is celebrated for her innovative approach to beauty, cosmetics and brows. With more than 35 years of experience in the industry as an award-winning brow and makeup artist, salon owner and now owner of her own cosmetics line, Alyson is known as the Brow Guru of Atlanta, and she is revolutionizing brow care with her signature techniques, eyebrow and beauty products. Her passion for authentic beauty has led her to create Genuist Beauty, a brand dedicated to enhancing natural beauty through clean, effective products and sustainable practices. Alyson's commitment to empowering individuals at every age and stage of life reflects her vision for a beauty industry that values authenticity and individuality.



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