“Mastering the Art of Brow Perfection” with Genuist Beauty’s Alyson Hoag at The Makeup Show NYC

Join Genuist Beauty's Alyson Hoag at The Makeup Show NYC for a Brow Masterclass to learn the art of brow perfection. Led by the brow guru, brow protector and brow expert, Alyson Hoag, this masterclass on brows is on Sunday, May 5th, at Demo Stage A from 10:30 am to 11:30 am and is tailored for beauty professionals looking to deepen their expertise in brow care, from foundational techniques to advanced brow styling methods. Also, discover Alyson's innovative brow care products that were recently featured on The Today Show. Visit Genuist Beauty's booth (G8) for a 25% discount.  

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Learn how returning your finished Genuist Beauty products can help the planet!
This Earth Day discover how Alyson Hoag, founder of Genuist Beauty, champions clean and sustainable beauty. From her founding of Genuist Beauty with its commitment to non-toxic ingredients and recyclable packaging including reusable glass vials to minimize environmental impact, to her makeup recycling program, and her partnership with Pact, join Genuist Beauty in our journey towards a more sustainable and clean beauty industry.
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