A Cure for Brow Blindness?

A Cure for Brow Blindness?

If you've been on TikTok lately, you've probably heard all about the latest buzz: brow blindness. It’s the phenomenon where people struggle to find the right brow shape that complements their natural beauty. 

Instead, they get caught up in ever-changing brow trends and end up with brows so bad they confess their brows woes on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, et al. Even the USA Today is talking about it. “Rushing to follow microtrends without investigating your personal motives can be a telltale sign of eyebrow blindness.”

Combat brow blindness and don't give into the micro trends. Follow Aly on Tiktok here to keep up with her brow expertise to achieve natural brows that flatter your individual features. She also discusses common brow issues and simple solutions to turn your brow woes into brow wows. Follow her brow breakthroughs here 

What is Brow Blindness?

Brow blindness occurs when individuals lose sight of their natural brow shape, often due to the influence of fleeting beauty trends. This can lead to over-plucking, over-drawing, or following fads that don't suit their unique facial features.

In the words of the Brow Guru, "Brows are a classic feature meant to highlight your natural beauty and your individuality, not conform to temporary fads,” said Alyson Hoag, CEO & Founder of Genuist Beauty. “Your eyebrows should always come first in a beauty routine, and your eyebrows make or break your entire makeup application.”

Why People are Talking About  Brow Blindness

The concept of brow blindness has taken social media by storm, especially on TikTok, where more and more people are realizing the importance of embracing their natural beauty rather than chasing unflattering and damaging trends that sadly can leave lasting damage  As one TikTok user aptly put it, brow blindness is ‘a condition where you can't tell your eyebrows look insane.

Bad Brow Trends Happening Right Now

  1. Overdrawn Brows: Creating unnaturally thick and dark brows that overpower the face.
  2. Straight Brows: Attempting to flatten the natural arch for a 'straight across' look that appears unnatural.
  3. High-Arched Brows: Over-exaggerating the arch, leading to an overly dramatic and sometimes surprised expression.
  4. Over-Plucked Brows: Removing too much hair, resulting in thin, sparse brows that lack definition.
  5. Waxed Brows- a current and sadly long-lasting brow trend. Waxed brows remain popular but frequent waxing can cause skin irritation, thinning of the skin, and damage to hair follicles, leading to reduced hair growth over time.
  6. Fox Brows- Also known as fox eyebrows, this trend usually starts with taking off the tails of the brows and is a trend where the eyebrows are shaped and styled to create an elongated, lifted look that mimics the shape of a fox's eyes. 
  7. Shaved Brows- The shaved brow trend of shaving eyebrows involves using a razor to remove brow hair, which can lead to damage to hair follicles, skin irritation, and uneven regrowth. This method often requires frequent maintenance and carries a risk of infection as well. At Authentic Beauty, we prefer brow tweezing because it offers precise shaping, reduces skin irritation, and promotes healthier, more natural-looking brows.

How to Combat Brow Blindness 

For over 30 years’, Alyson Hoag, brow expert and brow guru at Authentic Beauty in Atlanta, turns brow woes into brow wows through her award-winning tweeze-only brow services at her Atlanta brow studio.

She also saw such bad brow damage from fleeting beauty trends, like brow waxing as far back as the 90s, that she created her own brow care line that helps people break free from brow blindness and rediscover the timeless beauty of their natural brows.

Alyson’s cosmetics company, Genuist Beauty, offers a range of clean and effective brow products (featured on The Today Show) that are designed to bring out the best in your brows. One of her  top sellers is the Roller Brow that combines the power of a derma roller with a clean and effective brow-enhancing serum for fuller, healthier brows.


Say Goodbye to Brow Blindness & Hello to a Brow Breakthrough

Embrace the classic, timeless look of your natural brows. Visit our website at www.genuistbeauty.com to explore our full range of brow products to start your journey to brow perfection.

Remember, it doesn't matter how old or young you are. This is beauty for the forever blooming, so get your brows blooming today. Click here to learn more.  


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