Genuist Beauty's Brow Products on NBC's The Today Show

Genuist Beauty's Brow Products on NBC's The Today Show

In an exciting and brow-raising feature on NBC’s The Today Show on Monday, February 11th, Genuist Beauty’s groundbreaking Total Brow Care System was showcased, captivating viewers with hosts Hoda Kotb, Jenna Bush Hager, and the esteemed makeup expert Ashunta Sheriff-Kendricks. The segment, which delved into Oscar-worthy makeup and brow trends, placed a special emphasis on the undeniable allure of minimalist makeup and voluminous brows, declaring fluffy brows a must-have in the current beauty landscape.


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Ashunta Sheriff-Kendricks, a luminary in the world of makeup, recreated some of the most prominent makeup and brow styles observed at the 2024 Oscars, as she highlighted the allure of natural brows. "Genuist Beauty’s Brow Primer, (a conditioning and texturizing liquid brow wax that offers unparalleled hold), plumps up brows and makes them fluffy,” she said, as she underlined the departure from overly sculpted and glued-up brows to a more natural-looking brow aesthetic.

She also illustrated the transformative power of Genuist Beauty's Roller Brow - a revolutionary brow derma roller paired with a potent, nutrient-rich, brow-enhancing serum, that has been hailed as a game-changer for those aspiring to cultivate lush, voluminous brows, and that gets dormant or barely-there brows blooming again. As Ashunta aptly put it, 'You can't have fluffy brows if you don't have them.' That’s why Roller Brow by Genuist Beauty is the essential brow tool for those seeking fluffy brows. 

Genuist Beauty Brow Products on The Today Show

(The product featured on The Today Show as seen above was actually the Brow Primer & was mislabeled as Revival Brow.) 


 Genuist Beauty's Total Brow Care System

Created by Alyson Hoag, Genuist Beauty’s Total Brow Care System is ingeniously crafted to elevate eyebrows from unremarkable to extraordinary. This comprehensive suite of eyebrow must-haves includes five pioneering products designed to synergistically enhance and beautify brows:

  • Roller Brow: An innovative brow dermaroller that infuses the brow area with a brow-enhancing serum, promoting natural hair blooming through advanced ingredients like Capixyl and acetyl tetrapeptide-3.
  • Revival Brow: A daily brow conditioning treatment that nurtures brow health, leading to an improved appearance.
  • Brow Renewal Mask: An eyebrow mask that offers deep conditioning and hydration, fostering stronger, more resilient brows.
  • Roller Brow Defining Pen: This natural-looking liquid brow stain pen is perfect for filling in sparse areas, adding depth and color to enhance overall brow aesthetics.
  • Brow Primer: A texturizing liquid brow wax for fluffy, natural-looking brows, that sets the standard for maximum hold, ensuring your brows stay defined, non-drying, and flake-free.

In addition to their commitment to beauty innovation, Genuist Beauty is also dedicated to sustainability in the beauty industry and makeup recycling, and all of Genuist Beauty’s new products are recyclable, and over half of the products can be reused to breathe new life into future products.

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The glass tubes used in the Roller Brow derma roller, Brow Primer, Brow Renewal Mask, and Brow Revival are all designed for reuse. Ultimately, thanks to Genuist Beauty’s collaboration with the Pact Collective and their makeup recycling program, you can embrace beauty innovation and environmental responsibility with every stroke. Talk about beauty with a clean conscience.

Are you ready to elevate your brow game and get "Brows that Wow"? Visit to discover how the Total Brow Care System can transform your brows from meh to magnificent. 


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